Company Quality Policies

Nonetheless our incessant emphasis on customer satisfaction by deliberate measures taken to comply with their requirements and needs is the crux of our way of life

Procurement Quality Policy

Raw material selection: Raw Material(Cost & quality) α Final Product(Cost & quality) Raw material selection is a very critical aspect in this industry where quality as well as cost of raw material impends the quality and cost of the final product. Each lot of the raw material is subject to analysis of yield and microbiological analysis. All our suppliers are monitored and evaluated on a frequent basis.

Process Quality

Our Operating Procedures for production are standardized in compliance with HACCP guidelines. They cover parameters like critical control points, safety precautions, adequate labeling for material identification at any given point of time, cleaning and sanitizing instructions.

Product Quality

Specifications for all and any product are available. Routine quality control tests are carried out on end-product and parameters specified by the customers are ensured to be adhered. End products are stored as per the standard recommendations.

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