About Us

AHPL is one of the leading enterprises in the southern part of India, committed to deliver high end molecules in the field of Herbal Extractions.

Unmatched industry knowledge and process expertise are the key USPs that we have garnered in the course our evolution into a professional organization with remarkable recognition in the Nutraceuticals Ingredient industry. Backed with a strong technical support from the most qualified professionals in the industry, AHPL, with its core team of young professionals makes a perfect blend of young vigor and vast experience. Our products are customized to individual clients’ specific requirements. We understand the customer’s business thoroughly & our client engagement system allows us to become an extension of your staff and driving you to complete satisfaction. We keep ourselves updated with latest technology developments thereby evolving new processes in producing high-end molecules in very cost-effective methods. We thrive on our clients’ success and seek partnerships that nurture a long lasting relationship.

Since its inception in 2005, we at AHPL Herbikem continuously strive to improve upon the product quality in each of our subsequent batches and have always been abreast with the growing demands of the markets across the world in terms of stringent quality norms like high precision analytic techniques to be adapted and reduction of residual solvent limits from ppm to ppb levels in our products. Every molecule produced at AHPL is subjected to advanced screening techniques and ensured to be free of contaminants and impurities.

We believe that Natural Products manufacturing is not just a science but an Art which can be mastered only by practice. We strive to master every niche of this art in each passing day. Sourcing of the right raw material is critical in production of natural ingredients & we have over the years developed the expertise in our sourcing.

We work in two facilities both equipped with huge Extractors with the interiors specially designed for best output of solvent/water extraction. The solvent recovery systems are designed in a way which helps us achieve minimal distillation losses (and hence attributing to our competitive pricing), adept filtration machines like centrifuges and nutche filters, vacuum dryers that remove the residual solvents to the desired low levels within the specified limits. Powder processing equipments like multi-mill, sifter and blender placed in hygienic environment for handling of finished goods and packing of the same.

Our core competencies lie in production of Curcumin 95%, Boswellia Extracts. Our plants are engaged in monthly outputs of 4MT of Curcumin 95% & 6MT of Boswellia Extracts.

We welcome associates for custom synthesis and contract manufacturing.
The Winning Combination - Team AHPL


At the top of our team we have one of the industry's highly qualified people, whose expertise in both R&D and commercial production is a great asset to the company and envy to our competitors.

Dr.A.N.Patwari, a doctorate in chemical engineering from West Germany, is a retired scientist from the prestigious institute of the country - Indian Institute Of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad. His engineering and Masters Degrees are awarded by the Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Dr. A.N.Patwari started his career as an engineer trainee in a company which was into extraction of cotton seed oil. After working there for a short time he joined the prestigious research institute of India, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, formerly called Regional Research Laboratory, Hyderabad in the organic division as a junior scientist. In 1980 he got an opportunity to go to West Germany for carrying out his research under the Govt. of India sponsored DAAD Fellowship program in lieu with the German Government. His meticulous hard work there yielded him a doctorate in chemical engineering in a very short span of just 3 years. After which his patriotic passion brought him back to India where he resumed working for IICT, Hyderabad. He was instrumental in crucial technology transfers to various multi-national companies for different products he worked on. Methodical research was his forte and he gradually climbed the ladder of success through the sheer efforts of his systematic approach towards all issues to become the Asst. Director of the Institute. In the year 1996, his committed effort towards his work were recognized by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India when he was conferred with the award of Best Technology by the Prime Minister of India himself.

He then took voluntary retirement from the government job to join the private pharmaceutical industry & he has worked with companies like Granules India Ltd., Watsol Organics, Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd., in different middle level managerial capacities. He is very environment conscious which actually prompted him to suggest the field of herbal extraction when his sons approached him for his advice on deciding the product lines that AHPL Herbikem would be working on.

With a mammoth of technical and managerial skills, Dr.A.N.Patwari is the facade of our team, leading from the fore-front.

Adarsh Patwari

A graduate in chemical engineering from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore and followed by a Masters degree from Osmania University, Hyderabad, started his career as an engineer trainee with Enfab Industries, Hyderabad. After working for a couple of years, he had a brief stint of exploring his entrepreneur skills when he joined hands with his brother in marketing Poly Aluminium Chloride in various industry segments like Paper, Textile, ETPs, Leather etc. This stint was short lived as the product failed to appeal the end users up to the expected mark. He then joined the KCP Biotech Limited as their first employee in the capacity of a Project Engineer. He was guided by a very eminent professional of the industry, Mr.R.N.Parlikar, under whose leadership he got exposed to various aspects involved in project management right from technology transfers to erection of plants and commercial production.

At this point he got introduced to the wonderful world of Natural Products, the Art of producing them. His quick learning abilities & the zeal to master the intricacies of production engineering quickly boosted him to the position of Manager at the KCP Biotech Factory. Nevertheless his enterprising attitude which was burning inside him made his quit the job & start an own venture in the same field alongwith his brother Anup Patwari & thus the company AHPL Herbikem was born. His understanding of the good manufacturing practices & the various aspects of standard operating procedures to be strictly employed for any accreditation of international standards made him quickly employ & put in practice the systems in place.

Anup Patwari

Though a Microbiology graduate he realized early in life that his forte is selling! He started his career with a business venture which dealt with recruitments & consulting. Soon he got associated with India Pesticides Ltd. & Swarup Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., both Lucknow based companies manufacturing technical grade & formulation products in Agrochemical sector. He joined them as their C & F agent for entire South India and was primarily looking after two of their products, Gammax 20 (Lindane 20% EC) & Thirax 75 (Thiram 75%). Gammax 20 is an anti-termite insecticide & Thirax 75 is a fungicide used in seed dressing. Both the products faced stiff competition from other multi-national brands in the market but Anup with his smart & impeccable strategies captured more than 85% of market share in the plywood manufacturing sector which was a huge market for Gammax 20 & around 50% of market share in the seed processing industries in entire South India. This business gave him a very valuable exposure in all the facets of running a successful business. His skills in inter-personnel relationship were further enhanced while dealing with people from numerous government and private agencies.

Nevertheless, our team, down the ladder, comprising of qualified skilled members form the axiom of our group.


A state of an art facility with direction of flow of the material designed best so as to meet the international standards like GMP, ISO: 22000

Certifications like ISO:22000, KOSHER & HALLAL

Equipments include Huge Extractors with the interiors specially designed for best output of solvent/water extraction.

Hygienic environment created in the powder processing room for handling of finished goods and packing of the same